Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.53

So, I took an unexpected week off from blogging. There wasn't any one reason - but a lot of reasons that just kept me away. I even had a post scheduled for one of the days already, but I moved it to this coming week so as not to break up my mini-blog-break. But anyway, I'm back!

Recently at home
The remodel is really taking shape. We've got a full second floor - as in, a floor you can walk on! In this project, there are some days where the crew is at our house all day and I can't see a single thing they did, and there are other days where I feel like they did a whole weeks worth in a few hours. And when they finally gave us the go-ahead to stick a ladder up there and walk around ourselves, I felt a weight lift, because it made this project feel so real and so progressed. 

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Recently purchased
I'm loving the relaxed peplum style out there right now in tops. The rigid peplum was never for me, and this style is working way better for my figure and my existing wardrobe. I kept this shirt from Le Tote and am on the hunt for more. Next style goal: I want to try something off-the-shoulder. I would love this one, but the sleeves look a bit billowy for my style. Thoughts? 

Recently consumed
It's sissy trip weekend, and my sister and I are currently up in Vancouver BC! Follow along on all our adventures with our hashtag #ABSeeVBC :) So far we've had lots of great meals together (including a lunch at a vegan restaurant we wandered into) - most of which have been chased down with some bubbly or red wine or local beer! If you haven't been a reader for long, you can see our previous sissy trips with hashtags: #APnBPdoNYC and #AlynBriCitySpree - we took 2014 off as we were in Nashville for #BriMarieNashBash.

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Recently styled
I cannot get enough of my white espadrilles lately. Even on not-so-hot days, they help me feel like summer has fully arrived. I'm ready to pick out another color or style for summer, as I know I'll get so much wear out of them - which ones would you pick?? Let me know in the comments, please!

Recently in love
Travis is all finished with his production wine-making class as part of his education at the Northwest Wine Academy! Up next is an internship at JM Cellars (we had our engagement pictures taken at their winery) and making some of his own wine from Amos Rome Vineyards grapes. If you want to stay on top of what my parents are doing at the vineyard, or how Trav's wine-making is going, be sure to like the Amos Rome fb account!

Coming up next
Work Clothes
A Vancouver weekend recap


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