May's Five Goals

First up, how I did in April: 

  • Plan interiors for remodeled spaces. PARTIAL. We've started to plan the spaces, but a lot is still fairly unknown. That being said, we have the downstairs completely planned - and pieces purchased for it - so that move will be easy next weekend!
  • Desserts only on weekends. FAIL. Mostly because I forgot. And because I'm addicted to sugar all over again. But I'm still trying, and it is helping! 
  • Don't cut bangs. COMPLETE! And so hard. Although in the last 3 days or so, I've finally not hated the growing-out phase they are currently in. Progress!
  • Host three live trunk shows. FAIL. I did two live ones and 4 online ones, with another live one coming up next week. But I'm loving the S&D business - which reminds me - the mystery hostess show is still open, and so far we have some awesome benefits lined up for whoever wins, including lots of free jewelry! Check out this post for details, and shop here! (Note that the S&D site is undergoing maintenance right now but will be live again this PM!)
  • Do it now. COMPLETE! This was by far my best goal of April - I had this in the back of my mind constantly and noticed it helped so much. Only problem was that I noticed just how often Travis puts things off, which started to peeve me - and that's never been something that bothered me about him. Gotta remember that he's still gotta do him...even if my way is better in this case! ;) 
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And now, on to May's goals!

1. Focus on Cassie! I'm a bridesmaid in my friend Cassie's wedding on June 4, which means May should be all about her! We've got her bachelorette weekend in just 5 days and then lots of final wedding prep that I'm sure will be easier with the help of her girls. Also need to hem my bridesmaid dress and figure out shoes/jewelry and what I want to do with my hair in this month! 

2. Take vitamins EVERY DAY. I'm great about taking a few of my vitamins every day (like biotin, cuz GROW BANGS GROW) but I slack on some of the ones where I don't notice a benefit. In May, I'm going to take them every day - including on business travel days!

3. Order Year One book. Travis and I talked about making a book for every year of our marriage, and ordering it around our anniversary time. Well, this year we made it, but didn't get it to 100% completion - it still needs some captions & then the "buy now" button to be pressed. It's happening this month, though! 

4. Walk anyway. We don't have our pets during construction (thanks Mom & Dad!) so we aren't getting out and walking around as much. One of my favorite things is our weekend morning long walks to try a new coffee shop, so I want to do it anyway, even without the dog. Same thing goes for weeknight walks on nice days after dinner - we love taking Niko on those together, so why not do it without him?! 

5. Shop with intention. I've gotten away from this one a bit in the last few months and have ended up with some great purchases, but they've been made on a whim. This month, I'm going to look for the things on my shopping list, buy the things I love, and avoid impulse purchases. AND! I've decided to use any roll-over money from quarterly budgets in a "home decor" fund - thanks Anne for the recommendation. So I'll be sure to recap those purchases too! 

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