Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.49

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Recently at home
This is our house, currently. They took the roof off to get the house ready for floor #2, and then some rain showed up in the forecast (surprise, surprise, Seattle) so they wrapped us up in plastic again. It rained last night and it sounded like we were sleeping in a tent, which I adored. I slept so great listening to the sounds of rain. Now let's hope the forecast holds true and we get a full week of dry weather for them to get moving on UP. 

Recently purchased
A pair of sunnies for my mom from DITTO! I've had these Jason Wu on loan for a while, and she tried them on in Mexico and really liked them, so I picked her up a pair for Mothers Day! You could do the same thing for your mom - or yourself - with your first month free using code BMARIE35 - :) 

Recently styled

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A pineapple shirt! Pineapple has forever been my favorite food, and I love that it is showing up on every piece of clothing lately. Some other favorites include these soludos shoes, this phone casethis shirt my dad showed up wearing the other day, and of course these workout pants

Recently consumed
The greatest meals to celebrate mothers day. Check out my snap story (@bmarie) for last night's oysters before dinner at Mamnoon, and what I'm sure will be a great Mothers Day brunch at my parents house today! 

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Recently in love
I already know I want to be a mom someday, but watching Trav love on his cousins little boy makes me even more excited for that day to come. I mean, just look at how cute they are! 

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