Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.52

If I had been good about this, this would equal one full year of Trav & Bri, Recently. Welcome to volume 52 :) 

Recently at home

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We've got a second story, people! We left for work on Monday living in a one-story house, and by the end of the day, this is what it looked like! It is amazing how fast they move once they are building new and not having to deal with the intricacies of a 1927 house. 

Recently purchased
A few gifts for later this year from the Stella & Dot sale. I haven't updated here, but Whitney won the Mystery Hostess show and gets to play with $60 of free product credit and two items at 50% off! And Kyle won the free stud earrings from leaving a blog post comment. Congrats to you both :) I'm two orders away from a big goal I've set for the month of May, so if you've ever considered making a purchase, *please* do it now!! Thanks in advance!

Recently styled

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Right when I start considering canceling Le Tote, they send me the best tote yet. This ruffle hem relaxed peplum shirt is probably staying in my closet (it buttons up the back like the Madewell shirt I'm obsessed with!) and I LOVE this little pink and olive green clutch/crossbody (the strap is removable)! Also spent all weekend in these Crocs wedges - I still can't get over how comfortable they are and how easy they are to walk in - even on the gravel parking lots of many Walla Walla wineries! The chambray ones I'm wearing are available at for only $40!

Recently consumed

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We're in Walla Walla with my family for a weekend of wine tasting, golfing, and delicious eats. On Saturday night we ate at Whitehouse Crawford, pictured above. The halibut was to die for. And last night, we ate at Saffron - so good if you are ever in this area! Today we pack up to head home, but not before breakfast at Bacon & Eggs and a quick stop at one more winery on our way out of town. These weekends leave me needing a diet + detox plan when I return home!! 

Recently in love

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If you follow along on social media, you already saw this picture, but if you don' baby sister is engaged!!! She & Mike got engaged two weeks ago in Portland and my entire family couldn't be happier to have him joining our family. Travis and I have ALWAYS wanted a little brother, and we're finally getting one! And seriously, I couldn't have picked a better one if I'd done it myself. Leave a little congrats note for my sis in the comments - she'll see it when she reads the blog :) 

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