May Budget Recap

 photo Budget Recap_zpsiskmxdcm.png

What a light month of almost no clothes shopping. Guess that means I get to go crazy on Memorial Day sales, right?? :) 

 photo maybudget_zpsylncxud3.jpg

I'm keeping the shoes, and both of the dresses are headed my way now. I may keep both for different occasions, or I may send one back. We'll see once they arrive! 

Dress One: c/o Shopbop
Dress Two: $32
Shoes: $80

Total:  $112
Quarterly Budget: $500 - $219 April (updated) - $112 May = $169 Remaining for June

I can't wait to see what everyone else bought this month thanks to Fran's Budgeting Bloggers link-up, because I'm feeling very uninspired lately about what to add to my closet! 

Posted on May 27, 2016 and filed under Budget.