Help Me Shop!

Alright, I need your help! I've got to find a dress to wear to Cassie's rehearsal dinner in a couple of weeks. Couple of weeks meaning I've gotta shop from somewhere I can pick up in store, or that has fast shipping and awesome return policies. I'm looking mostly at Shopbop, as I have some credit there, and Nordstrom, because they can never do me wrong. But I've included a couple of other options too. 

 - Alright, so it is an outdoor rehearsal dinner up in the San Juans, so it could be windy/cold/even rainy. Something that can look cute with a coat over it would be a benefit. It could also be super warm, so I'm not looking for a wintery dress :) 
 - I'd like to be able to wear it again! Maybe to a wedding this fall (I've got 2), even.
 - No white, I'm not the bride, people!
 - I'm super into floral lately, but am 100% okay looking outside of floral as an option.
 - I want to be able to wear it with shoes I already have (that part should be easy). Flats would be preferred.

And here are some options I've found:

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsvmdm0fp9.jpg

1  |  2  |  3  |  4


I love the idea of black & white in dresses 1 and 3, because it will go so well with EVERYTHING and I can spice it up with fun jewelry. But 2 and 3 have color, which I always prefer for weddings, for some reason. I'm a bit worried about the cutout & cap sleeves in is probably my least favorite. 2 is the most unusual for me, but for some reason I'm *really* drawn to it. Maybe also because I think my brown leather jacket would look amazing over it, and that'd help with cooler weather? I have no idea. 

So, two questions for you to answer in the comments:
1. Which of these 4 should I order?
2. What other dresses from other retailers should I consider? Link 'em to me!

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