Work Clothes: Blue Not Black

After I took these pictures in my dimly lit hotel room, I realized that the pattern in this shirt is navy and not black. Which meant that my crazy pattern-mix of a shoe choice (in black and brown leopard) was just chaotic. Thank goodness the other day I'd planned on this work trip included my nude flats - I made the change and went about the rest of my day. Was a pretty close call, though!

 photo IMG_6881_zpsnbhc63ba.jpg

Shirt: Le Tote  |  Cardigan: J. Crew Factory  |  Pants: similar
Necklace: S&D Riad

 photo IMG_6884_zpsvpy9ovv9.jpg

I've gotten a bunch of questions about the Madewell top I can't stop raving about - and I got a ton of questions in person when I wore it on Saturday to a S&D trunk show. So here's the quick recap:

  • I don't own other Madewell tops, so I can't say if the sizing is on-par with their other shirts. However, I'm typically a M, and the M is perfect on me. 
  • The sleeves are fitted - so if sleeves are ever tight on you in sizing, I'd size up for that. Otherwise, sizing to normal should be just fine. 
  • The buttons up the back don't leave any gaps and they aren't uncomfortable at all to lean against. 
  • The white version hasn't come yet, so I don't know if it is at all sheer. I'll update once I receive it! 
  • Yes, you should order it. But I can't promise it will fit you perfectly or that you'll love it. I just know it fits me perfectly and I'm 100% in love. 

Skipped Trav & Bri, Recently yesterday because our weekend was JUST.TOO.BUSY. Off to Boise today and then to Vegas Tuesday through Thursday. Thank goodness Trav has a job that keeps him in town so someone can hold down the fort!  

Posted on May 2, 2016 and filed under Work Clothes.