Third Thursday Threads: Warm Weather White

I seriously cannot get enough of white right now. I want to wear a crisp white shirt every single day - and then on the days where I can't, I want to wear my bright white soludos, or my white jeans. Time to get an awesome white dress, I think - like for work. Something like this, maybe? Or this

Anyway, this Madewell tee is still bright white and I'm loving it for everything. For work, some simple black pants and fun flats have been perfect for the warmer weather, although I'm also excited to try styling the shirt over a dress or skirt. 

 photo FullSizeRender-12_zpsxuwx8toj.jpg

I went to Banana Republic lately thinking their new Sloan pants looked a lot like my favorite purple pants. And you guys - they are the same! Well, almost. Enough for me to count it as a match. So I got a new pair in black and then also in a black + white pattern. AT. FULL. PRICE. I'm not sure I'll keep both colors, but I'm for sure keeping the black because I was in need of a new pair, big time. These are them, in this outfit. 

 photo FullSizeRender-13_zps818kefyg.jpg

It's also time for me to get some new flats. I wear mine until they just get old and raggedy. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, yet, though, in terms of style. If you have any suggestions for favorite flats lately, leave them in the comments, okay?? These are the BP Moveover, which I love, but the current ones aren't quite the same. I do like this style, but I'm sure it would look awful on my wide fatty feet. I may try them anyway since I've been wanting floral flats for so long!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.13.28 PM_zpsusvt9age.png

Now, on to the link up! If you don't know the rules, let me refresh your memory. Please link to a single post, not your whole blog. Be sure your post is all about warm weather whites, and please link back from your blog post to WCIS! And as always, try to visit some of the other blogs linking up. This striped blazer and this tweedy blazer from last month's link up were some of my favorites!