Third Thursday Threads: April Theme Announcement

Well hellllllo there. As part of my goal to be better about blog scheduling in March, I realized I need to move my theme announcements earlier in the month in order to give you all time to prepare for each month's link up. So here we are, two weeks in advance! Hoping I can move even sooner for the next one. 

So this month, join me on Thursday, April 21st for Third Thursday Threads: Blazers!

 photo blazers_zpssw6pmiwt.jpg

I'm hoping that by then I get (and love) the J. Crew blazer I ordered. Otherwise, I'll have to pull from my existing closet, which will be a fun challenge! 

What will you be pairing with your blazer for this link-up? Let me know in the comments!

ALSO! Today is the final day of the Shopbop Friends & Family sale - use code INTHEFAM for 25% off your purchase (more details here). Lots of the things in my March Budget post came from Shopbop, so now is your chance to get them at 25% off! Current favorite is the resort maxi!

Posted on April 7, 2016 and filed under Third Thursday Threads.