April Budget Recap

Oh man this was a fun month of shopping. 

 photo Budget Recap_zpsiskmxdcm.png

You've already seen me wear most of this, too, which is fun! I haven't gotten the Soludos shoes yet, but I've gotten everything else, have worn it all, and for the one thing you haven't seen yet, you will soon, because I cannot stop wearing it. For those of you debating on that Madewell top (the red one below) go buy it now. Nordstrom is price matching so it is less than normal, and it is the best piece of clothing I've worn, ever. Thanks to this post for talking me into trying it. 

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsd8mqvbbu.jpg

Mimi Chica Pants: $48
Pleione Shirt: $48
Lush Tank: $34
Madewell Shirt: $80 (on sale now! so I'll get some money back!) UPDATE: GOT PRICE ADJUSTED, SO ONLY $60
Halogen Skirt: $59
Soludos Shoes: NOT ARRIVED YET

Total: $249 ( - $90 Nordstrom Card) = $159
Quarterly Budget: $500 - $159 April = $341 remaining for May and June

I haven't decided if I think I should roll over what's left of Q1s money. What are your thoughts? I returned the J. Crew blazer but kept the bikini top, so my total leftover from Q1 would be over $200. Do I roll it over or just keep it as money I didn't spend, which is a good thing? Let me know in the comments! 

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