Work Clothes: In The Kill Room

Any Dexter fans out there? As Travis was taking my pictures, we realized it kind of looks like I'm taking pictures in my kill room...instead of outside on our deck with plastic holding our home's insulation in place.'s what I wore on a travel day last week from Spokane back home to Seattle. It includes almost all new purchases because I had an outfit mishap on my Spokane trip and had to run to Nordstrom in order to have enough clothes to last me my whole trip. 

 photo IMG_1360_zpsboyoki5m.jpg

My bangs are finally getting to the point where I can sometimes get them to stay in a braid. Of course, as you look at these pictures from some angles...some of the pieces had gotten a little alfalfa-y throughout the day, which isn't awesome. Ugh. Progress but still not where I want them to be!

 photo IMG_1354_zpsxfeetazg.jpg

Pants: Nordstrom  |  Tank: Nordstrom  |  Shoes: Crocs

 photo IMG_1356_zpsg7ky0cn4.jpg

So of course, these couple of purchases are going to put a deeper dent in my budget than originally planned, but oh well. Sometimes you put on a dress, punch your arm right through the side hem where the zipper is still zipped because you're exhausted and not paying attention, and have to go buy a new outfit. The good news? The dress is totally repairable because it ripped RIGHT along the hem and not through any random areas. Thank goodness. 

Posted on April 27, 2016 and filed under Work Clothes.