Work Clothes: A SKIRT!

You guys know how yesterday I said I had to go to Nordstrom in Spokane to replace a days worth of outfits because I ruined one of my options? Well, while I was there, after I had purchased the outfit I posted yesterday from the Trend/Juniors section, I was walking past the Point of View section and saw this skirt. And so I grabbed it and tried it on and bought it. Seriously.

That never happens to me. Skirts never look cute. I hate skirts! You've noticed that, I'm sure - you come to this blog, look for work clothes, and wonder how a business-casual/professional dresser never wears skirts. Well, things are a-changin' - at least with this one. I've been on the hunt for skirts, because I look at so many other cute inspiration outfits with them and think they are the perfect thing for me. And then I just never wear them. But I've worn this skirt twice already since getting it, and I've wanted to wear it one more time but then I realized I'd be seeing some of the same customers on time number three so figured I should hold off. 

 photo IMG_1377_zpsom8vculo.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zpsp50ylp39.jpg

Skirt: Nordstrom  |  Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Cardigan: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Nine West  |  Necklace: S&D Sutton

 photo IMG_1367_zpsi23lbebw.jpg

Don't you guys love these sunnies?!?! They are the Jason Wu Brigitte on loan from DITTO. I'm going to keep them for a while longer before returning - one of the things I love about rental services like Le Tote and DITTO is the ability to keep the stuff you love as long as you want without actually buying it. At $275, I'm not in a big hurry to buy them, but to keep them for a few months is JUST what I need. Don't forget you can try DITTO's Endless Eyewear program for one month free using the code BMARIE35 :) 

 photo IMG_1375_zpsqlzi7sia.jpg

Also, I was going to do a big remodeling update this week but then realized that the background of my pictures is telling quite the story (yesterday insulation with plastic, today plywood - taken one day after the other!). So far, they've been working to stabilize the existing structure. Our house was built in 1927 and then some small remodels were done in the early 2000s, so there's a lot that needs to be done to the house to make it strong enough to hold another story. So far they've done the following:

  • cut/dug holes in the basement foundation, strengthened with rebar and fresh cement
  • removed all brick from the outside of the house
  • attached new foundation footings to the walls of the main story as anchors
  • re-insulated main story walls and covered with plywood, nailed in a million places, to act as a shear wall stabilizer 
  • removed insulation from attic to get ready to remove roof

And up next, we'll be getting new flooring put in the basement. Once that's done, we'll move downstairs, the roof will come off, and they'll start framing the new upper story. PROGRESS, people! 

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