Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.47

Posting a day late because I successfully avoided my computer all weekend. HOORAY!!!! On Saturday I helped throw a bridal shower for one of my best friends (check out the amazing mimosa bar one of the bridesmaids put together) and then Travis and I babysat, and on Sunday we dropped Niko and Amos at my parents' house (they are going to watch them for a while due to construction here) and then had an amazing night out with friends. It was a fun & busy weekend! 

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Recently at home
Well, we made our first design decision on the remodel this week – basement flooring! We had to rip up the carpet in the basement in order for the contractors to solidify some of our foundation footings, and so we had to figure out what to put down when they were finished. With the dog + cat + future idea of kiddos, we decided we didn’t want to go with carpet again. And since the basement isn’t where our project money should go, we didn’t want to do anything too expensive, like real hardwoods. After visiting a green home solutions store in Seattle, we landed on cork – it’s cheap, doesn’t show wear/age, handles water/mess well, is easy to install, and it comes in awesome wood-grain-looking colors and patterns. We went with this color and I can’t wait to see it installed! Should be done within a week or two and then we’ll be moving EVERYTHING to the basement where we’ll live for the remainder of the project.

Recently purchased
April so far has been a month without any clothing purchases - but I should finally receive that J. Crew Regent blazer TODAY, so I'll let you know what I think! 

Recently styled
So much Stella & Dot! Having a few new items means I’ve been finding all the great ways to wear them – like this sarong which I wore as a scarf, and this necklace which I wore as a wrap bracelet. Hello versatility!

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Recently consumed
Last night we went to dinner with some friends to take part in Seattle Restaurant Week. HELLO 3 for $30! We ate at The Pink Door - out on the deck because warm weather is finally here! We had so much fun playing tourist down at Pike Place afterwards, too! 

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Recently in love

We’ve had a lot of friends and family members having babies lately – with the most recent one born Saturday! Spending time around all these babies makes me so excited to get to the “growing a family” stage with Travis. We aren’t TOO far away, but no, this is definitely not me making any kind of announcement. In the meantime, I’m having all kinds of fun buying adorable freshly picked moccasins and onesies for the little babes, and delivering booze to the new parents. 

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