Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.46

Recently at home
We got home from Mexico last night and our basement is a torn-up disaster-land. We only have half a staircase down there, so we have to access it from the basement back door, which is so weird. We should be living down there after next weekend, if this next week of work goes well!

Recently purchased
A few pieces from the Stella & Dot summer line, like the black + white sarong/scarf and the lola wrap bracelet. So much fun stuff!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.29.15 AM_zps6krgpqnc.png

Recently styled
My bangs are finally getting long enough where I can kind of pin them back, and I made it through the whole time in Mexico without cutting them. *HOORAY!* Now I just have to make it through the rest of April - "growing out bangs" has been a common Pinterest search for new ways to get them out of my face!

Recently consumed
So much non-Whole30 food & drink while in Mexico. Ready to grocery shop today and get back to healthy eating. Planning on lots of fruits & veggies & grill-able proteins now that spring is fully here in Seattle! And of course, wine!

Recently in love
We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday while in Mexico with a morning of golf, some pool time, and dinner out at an amazing Mexican steakhouse. I only really golf on vacation, and I had the best game of my life - a birdie, a par, and three bogies! My mom and I play "best ball" on most holes, but when one of us has a great tee shot, we go for it independently. So much fun!  

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Coming up next
Some Mexico outfits
Work clothes

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