April's Five Goals

April is here and it is time to recap how I did on my March goals, and to set some goals for April. First, let's assess March:

  • Read 4 books. FAIL. I read two and a half. I flew through the most recent one (The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens), though, and highly recommend you pick it up. 
  • Complete Whole30. COMPLETE. Hip hip hooray. Recap coming soon!
  • Maintain painted nails. COMPLETE. I had to *really* try on this one, but I did it! Definitely going to try to stay this good throughout the summer. Thanks for all of your tips on quick-drying! And after the month, my favorite color was Crawfishin' for A Compliment by OPI
  • Stick to blog schedule. COMPLETE. I did great here, posting on almost every single day that I had planned. A couple of things got slightly shifted, but overall I'm really happy with how I did here. And I've already built April's schedule, so I hope to stick to it as well as I did in March!
  • Unplug from work on Saturdays. KIND OF. I did only okay here. Yes, I unplugged from work on Saturdays, but Sunday mornings were rough as I caught up on everything, so I don't know if this achieved what I had hoped. Time to mull this one over, for sure. 
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I did pretty good in March, but I did really have to focus on completing the goals. Here's what I'm focusing on in April: 

1. Plan interiors for all remodeled spaces. We're deep into this remodel now and its time for me to start envisioning what the inside will look like. So much of the planning to this point has been structural, and now its time to pick out paint colors, tile, flooring, and even furniture. I've already done a couple of the rooms, but there's a lot left!

2. Sweets/desserts only on weekends. I've tried this before, but it wasn't as successful as I would have liked it. Now that I'm used to not eating dessert (thanks Whole30!), I think this will be an easier focus for me. 

3. Don't cut bangs. This might seem like a silly one, but I'm right in that point where I *hate* the growout from my bangs and it is SO tempting to chop them off again. But I need to stick it out, so no bang cutting allowed! 

4. Host 3 live trunk shows. Now that I'm working on building my Stella & Dot business, I want to try to hold at least 3 events in my first full month. I have one scheduled (plus one online), but I need to get a couple more on the calendar! 

5. Do it now. One of my favorite mantras that has been harder to stick to lately, I want to focus on NOT procrastinating in April. That empty coffee cup I might leave on my desk instead of taking it to the kitchen? Take it now. The returns that need to get dropped off at the post office? Do it now. The suitcase from a work trip that needs to be unpacked? Do it now. This one may be a bit harder to measure, but I'm going to keep it on my mind and see if I notice any habit changes!

What do you want to focus on for April? Have you been keeping goals - and if so, how did you do in March? Do you have any favorite interior trends you think I should look into for the remodel? Let me know in the comments!

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Posted on April 1, 2016 and filed under Personal.