Locals Only: London House Salon & Spa

You guys know that feeling when you have to switch to a different hair stylist? When you have a moment of huge panic and immediately try to think of all the friends you have with great hair so you can ask them where they go? Here's the problem - all my friends with great hair go to the same person I do. Or did. Before she quit to go to work in a different industry.

Luckily, I've already found my new salon home, and I love it so much I had to take a quick moment to share. Enter a new segment here on the blog called Locals Only, where I'll share a new local experience, a favorite Seattle bar or restaurant, or just something I've been liking around town. End goal: you all plan trips to Seattle and we hang out. 

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This time, London House Salon in Burien. A bit south of the city, but the prices reflect that, while the service could be that of a downtown Seattle location. I saw Christopher for my cut and color, and Travis saw Andrew for his cut. We'll definitely be going back to both - and soon! Here's a quick look into my experience:

 photo hair_zpskp7qa1j5.jpg

SO pleased with the color. The first day it felt a bit dark, but it felt perfect when I woke up in the morning, so I think it just took me a few minutes to adjust. The pieces of highlight and lowlight have been perfect! And for just a few photos of the process:

 photo process_zpsyessqxij.jpg

I snapchatted the whole thing, of course. I was having way too much fun with it all - the anticipation of change just kills me during hair-color appointments!! And for a quick update of the next day with some curls: 

 photo IMG_5427_zpsbzmdjp4s.jpg

We're headed back down to try a few more services soon, and I'm recommending Christopher to everyone who is asking. He's hilarious, did a phenomenal job, and kept me happy and entertained and comfortable the entire time. And he cut my bangs in a way that somehow I've been able to grow out without trimming for over 5 weeks now, although I'm about to have to do a quick trim - maybe even tonight. 

So now for the serious question: how do you guys find out about new salons/hair stylists when you lose yours? Are there any good ways to find someone online? If you're in Seattle, let this be your official recommendation to try London House - and trust me, these opinions are ALL my own! 

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Posted on March 15, 2016 and filed under Locals Only.