March Budget Recap

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March was a big shopping month, but not actually a big spending month. I ordered a lot of things that I ended up returning - in addition to some of the items in the below collage, I also returned this hat, this one-piece, these shorts, these shorts, and this dress (keeping this one, though I'm not counting it as a budget item). So there was a constant stream of packages making Travis VERY nervous about how much I was spending.

In addition to returning a bunch of stuff, I also got some screaming deals. I was able to get the J. Crew blazer on sale, the Target items on a huge sale, and I used all of my Shopbop credits during their big March sale to pick up a bunch of items all at once. Here's how the month ended up: 

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So a few of the things in the collage above actually changed last night once I re-tried some stuff on. So here's the updated list:

1. Lace Tee - Le Tote $39
2. Resort maxi - c/o Shopbop
3. J. Crew Regent blazer in linen - NOT YET ARRIVED
4. Paige Denim - c/o Shopbop
5. J. Crew Bikini top - NOT  YET ARRIVED
6. Cover-up - c/o Shopbop
7. Lush skirt - RETURNED
8. Denim shorts (actually decided to keep these instead) - $48 with birthday gift card = $0
9. L Space bikini bottoms - c/o Shopbop
10. Beaded necklace - Le Tote $26
11. Steven booties - c/o Shopbop

Not pictured: Target one-piece ($30) and sandals ($15) 

Total: $110
Quarterly Budget $500 - January $0 - February $122 - March $110 = $268 leftover

Of course, if I decide to keep the stuff from J. Crew, that totals $180, so I would only have $88 remaining. But I'm not counting it yet, as I'm not sure I'll keep the pieces. 

I'm super excited to wear a bunch of this stuff in Mexico next week - and throughout the summer. We finally hit 70 here this week in Seattle, so I've been busting out the lighter-weight tops, dresses, and ankle pants all week long! Hoping for lots more nice weather to keep wearing all of this stuff. 

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