Trav & Bri, Recently: vol.44

Recently at home
Construction has begun! I went around and took a bunch of before pictures after they did a full day of site prep out front, so here's what we're starting with:

 photo BEFOREremodel_zpsuofngdql.jpg

Seriously cannot wait until this project is all finished later this year! I'll be showing periodic updates as we go, too. First up: strengthen the foundation in the basement and remove ALL THE BRICKS to strengthen the stability of the first floor before adding the strain of another story!

Recently purchased
I had a few extra minutes last time I was in Portland, and my sister had a pass to the Columbia Employee Store, so we of course ran right over. I picked up a couple of things for gifts that I can't share here, but I also got myself a new rain coat. I have one that I love, but I try to keep it nice so I can use it for work. I needed a dog-walking jacket! And that's what I got, for the great price of $45. 

Recently styled

 photo IMG_6331_zpspzvyu02l.jpg

Shirt: similar  |  Jeans: Paige Denim (c/o Shopbop)  |  Booties: BP
Vest: Old Navy (used to be jacket, but I cut off the sleeves)
Spring starting means its time for me to pull my field vest out! Stripes, black jeans, booties, and a fun necklace made for a great outfit for a night out with friends last Sunday night. My lipstick bled because I didn't have a good liner to match the color which led me to buy this liner from Sephora that will help no matter what color lipstick I'm wearing! I do still want to buy liners to match more of my lipsticks, but for now, this should help! 

Recently consumed
Favorites reads lately: 

Anne's suitcase from Jamaica makes me so excited to get packed for our Mexico trip!

I've been lusting after Tieks forever, but Kristina's *honest* review makes me want to wait before such a huge expense. 

Erin doesn't wash her hair (or even use dry shampoo!) after working out on her lunch break. Don't tell anyone, but I'm totally going to try this! 

Recently in love
Travis LOVES Bruce Springsteen, and we went to see him live on Thursday night at Key Arena. You guys, I've never seen anyone who loves their job as much as Bruce does. He played NON-STOP from 8pm until midnight. I mean non-stop, too - no breaks, no intermissions, no silly wardrobe changes (I'm looking at you, Biebs), and he only stopped to talk between songs 2-3 times. The rest of the time he was singing, playing, dancing, running through the crowd, and having the time of his life while all of us did the same. And a new favorite thing I think all musicians should do at concerts - he took signs from people in the audience with song requests on them and then would play that song next, simply by showing the poster to his band. Involved the crowd so well! If he's coming through your town and you're even a little bit of a fan, GO BUY TICKETS! 

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