Whole30 Halfway Update

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I'm technically more than halfway done with my first time through Whole30, but we'll call this a halfway update. So far, I've been loving it! Here's my quick recap:

Things That Are Easy: Honestly, eating this way is mostly easy for me. Black coffee is easy. Keeping veggies and protein front & center is easy. Avoiding carbs and dairy and sweets is (mostly) easy. And when I'm in Seattle, everything is easy. 

Things That Are Hard: Traveling. I'm on the road so much you guys. And there's some times where its okay for me to have really specific/annoying ordering in restaurants. But there's other times when I'm hosting new prospective customers where they pick the restaurant and I just do the best I can, often eating a boring salad with oil/vinegar and drinking water. But I'm making it work. Also hard: not drinking red wine. I've realized this is such a happy decompressing thing for me after a long day of work, and I've had a hard time replacing it with something else for these 30 days. 

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What I'm Eating: Honestly, I'm loving the variety of food in my diet. Every weekend we're stocking up on chicken breasts, chicken sausage, steaks, ground meat, and fish, and we're doing our best to rotate through it all. I've been including sweet potatoes in A TON of my meals because I love them and they make me feel full. Also - that sweet tooth of mine is struggling to hold on, so I've treated myself to a date or fig after dinner, and that helps me feel full & ready to stop eating for the night. Lots of eggs & fruit for breakfast, too! A weekly favorite has been to roast a whole chicken, make our own chicken stock, and then use it for soup during the following week. So many amazing meals out of it (chicken salad, chicken breasts & veggies for dinner, chicken lettuce wraps), and whole organic chickens are only about $8 so it's a super inexpensive way to make a bunch of meals!

What I'm Drinking: Tons of water, and even more La Croix. I catch myself wanting to snack during the workday, and cracking open a can of La Croix totally helps. Especially if I pour it over ice and toss in some fresh berries (thanks to Grace for that suggestion)! 

How I'm Feeling: Overall, really good. I'm feeling satisfied after meals, I'm sleeping well, and I'm having great digestion. I'm stressed with this being the end of the quarter, though, and I know a bit of red wine would help. Won't do my next Whole30 at the end of the quarter, that's for sure! But I'm feeling like I've probably lost some weight, especially in inches right around my middle, and I'm sure I'll like that result when I'm in Mexico the first week of April. 

For those of you who have done it, any tips to stick with it for my final ~10 days? Let me know in the comments! And of course, more to come after I wrap up the whole thing on April 2nd!

Posted on March 24, 2016 and filed under Personal.