Stretching a Suitcase

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Last week, I got stuck in Spokane. I was on what was supposed to be a 2-day, 1-night business trip in the Eastern Washington town when my departing flight had some issues and wasn't able to take off. Being the last flight of the night, I had no other options, so my 1-night trip all of a sudden turned into 2-nights. I documented my outfits on the first two days, and was totally out of clean clothes (other than clean underwear - packing pro tip #1: ALWAYS PACK ONE PAIR MORE THAN DAYS YOU ARE TRAVELING) but had to stretch what I'd brought for a third day. Here's how that trip looked:

Day 1: 

 photo IMG_5810_zpsvqlyrope.jpg

Slacks: LOFT  |  Sweater: LOFT (similar)
Shirt: Nordstrom (now in new colors!) |  Shoes: Nine West

 photo IMG_5809_zpskmisww0l.jpg

Day 2: 

 photo IMG_5813_zpsl1psta0u.jpg

Pants: H&M (similar)  |  Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Sweater: Le Tote  |  Shoes: similar

 photo IMG_5814_zpsewyhda56.jpg

Unplanned Day 3: 

 photo IMG_5830_zpszbzespru.jpg
 photo IMG_5831_zpszjc9pplv.jpg

This, my friends, is why you pack in the same color scheme on trips. Because things might not work out your way, and you need to make new outfits out of old outfits. I could have even gone one more day - I tried the bright pink tee under the blush pink shirt and it totally worked, but the sweater + long-sleeve was warmer, and it was cold. 

Also notice the hair progression? This is really common for me on work trips - I only want to deal with washing + drying my bangs, so day 1, before leaving Seattle, I shower and get ready at home and wear my hair down. On day 2, I wash my bangs and pull half of my hair back. By day 3 it could use a more thorough wash, so up in a pony it goes. And if needed, I could pull off a top knot on day 4! 

Let's hope you never get stuck in a situation like I did - but if you do, remember: always pack one more pair of underwear than days of your trip, and try to pack in similar colors so that multiple combinations can be made! Any other tips for scenarios like this? Let me know in the comments! 

Posted on March 3, 2016 and filed under Work Clothes, Travel.