Trav & Bri, Recently: vol.43

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Recently at home
I wasn't home at all this week, and I'm relishing my time here this weekend. Work travel has reached an all-time high due to the end of the quarter, and I'm working to bring in some key sales before the end of March. It's a bit stressful, and paired with the remodel starting at home and our need to get the basement completely empty of our belongings, I'm feeling the need for some relaxation. What I really want is to eat my feelings with a big bowl of ice cream, but since I'm in the middle of Whole30, I've been trying to enjoy a cup of tea before bed to relax while living in the warmest/softest/coziest cardigan which was a birthday present from my college roomie. 

Recently purchased
I picked up a few things this week (all online, of course) because the spring trends everywhere just make me feel like I NEED ALL THE THINGS. I'm most interested in receiving my Nordstrom order. In Costa Rica, one thing I missed having was a pair of short, snug denim shorts to wear with looser tops, so I just ordered three to try - one white and two blue. 

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Left | Center | Right
If they all fit me well, which style would you suggest I keep? Let me know in the comments!

Recently styled
The biggest style thing this week was the movement of my bangs from front+center to a side swoop. I've decided not to trim them until after our Mexico trip in April, as I'd like to be able to pull them off my face more easily. We'll see what I decide to do with them once I return!

Recently consumed
Whole30 going strong. Current faves are the new-to-me Blackberry-Cucumber La Croix, deviled eggs for a fun treat/pre-dinner snack, and EPIC bars for emergencies while traveling. And when I have a serious sweets craving, I've been nibbling on a date - one is enough if I eat it slowly!

Recently in love
Guys, I feel like this section every week could seriously just be me gushing about how hard Travis works to make my life easier, especially with all of this travel. But then you'd all stop reading my blog. So today I'll share just one tiny routine we have: I get on airplanes anywhere from 2-5 times a week, and before I take off, we text "Love you" to each other. I have zero fears when it comes to flying, but I do like knowing that if something happened, we both will have said that we love each other as our last thing. Dorky? Cute? I don't care - I love it. 

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