Trav & Bri, Recently, vol.42

Recently at home
Head on over to my snapchat (@bmarie35) ASAP to see a tour of our move upstairs over the weekend. It is the reason this post is late today! :/ 

Recently purchased
So far this month, nothing! But I'm thinking I need to make a couple of purchases soon: this blazer (camel or navy?) and these pants (in tomato puree - the worst color name ever), to start. Also lusting after so many things at Target, but especially these sandals. Or maybe these ones. Or these ones. Eek. I can't decide, which is why I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Let me know your thoughts on both in the comments! 

 photo IMG_6235_zps9ngr6brn.jpg

Recently styled
A hoodie & jeans for a weekend of work around the house. And that's been it all weekend. 

Recently consumed
Whole30 deliciousness. Current favorite recipes are coming from this site - tonight we're eating the roasted squash soup + lamb meatballs

Recently in love
Moving half of our lives into storage this weekend has been really hard. But Trav's been amazing. Like, unloading furniture at our storage unit by himself while I play Tetris in the unit amazing. 

Coming up next
Some oversized items in this month's Third Thursday Threads
Locals only which didn't get posted on Friday
*Hopefully* a video of our time in Lake Louise, if I have time to edit the whole thing

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