Monday Again

Weekends move too fast these days, people. I feel like I just exhale, relaxed on a Friday night, and then I wake up and its Monday morning. It is as though the weekend wasn't even here. But it was, and it was a good one - it was just too short!

Here's the good news, though: we leave Saturday for Costa Rica! I've ordered a few things to add to my packing list - this dress which is now sold out (so sad, but I love all of these similar ones), this tank in the pink azure pattern, and these in navy. I'm thinking of going with a white and blue with a splash of pink color theme for packing, so we'll see how that goes once I take a look at all of my summery items. 

I may toss in this tank, which I'm currently borrowing from Le Tote and love so much. 

 photo IMG_0083_zpsvyfgon6z.jpg

Jeans: GAP (similar)  |  Tank & Cardigan: Le Tote  |  Shoes: BP

 photo IMG_0089_zps2icwzuu2.jpg

This is what I wore to brunch for our one-year anniversary - I wanted something that felt like I just rolled out of bed but that didn't necessarily look that way. I've always wanted one of these sweatshirt blazer/cardigan things, and I'm tempted to keep this one as it fits in with my closet color scheme. It fits well and is structured enough to be what I've been looking for, but is it worth $64?? Let me know in the comments below, please!

 photo IMG_0085_zpstda4ipsd.jpg

Have any of you been to Costa Rica? We have a very relaxing few days planned, as we're there for such a short time, but I'd love to hear all about what you did when you were there! Also, be sure to come back tomorrow to learn this month's Third Thursday Threads theme! 

Posted on February 8, 2016 .