March's Five Goals

It is time again for a quick goal-setting exercise. But before that, let's recap February, where I kicked butt in some categories, and failed completely in others! 

  • Read 3 books. COMPLETE! I blew this out of the water, completing the three I had hoped to plus three more. I've upped my annual goal from 20 to 40, given my reading habits lately! 
  • Make it to the gym 12 times. MISSED, but this isn't all bad. But honestly, not due to lack of trying. Because of my crazy work schedule, I've decided to drop my membership from unlimited to just the 2x/week membership. I just am not home enough to make it more often, and I'm doing well with working out in hotel rooms on the road, so I'm actually feeling pretty healthy and proud of my fitness level right now. 
  • Maintain painted nails. FAILED. In fact, I didn't paint my nails until Sunday the 28th. So I'm definitely moving this goal to March, because I think I'll get in better nail habits if I try again!
  • Tailor ill-fitting pants. HALF DONE. I took 2 pair to the tailor, and I haven't gotten them back yet, but I'm excited for when I do. The other 2 pair I wanted to tailor I'm having second thoughts about, so I decided to wait until I did the first two. 
  • Save dessert for weekends. MOSTLY SUCCEEDED. With a few exceptions of the night Travis and I finished some ice cream we'd purchased on the weekend (note to self - finish it all or toss it, or its too tempting!), and the night I ate a twix bar in the airport when my flight was hours delayed. 

Overall, not nearly as good as January. But I'm going to keep trying. And so now let's move on to March, where I've set 5 more!

 photo march_zpsqunanwdy.jpg

This month is my birthday month, so there will be a bit of celebration. That being said, I'm kicking off a challenge I've always wanted to try, so there will be a bit of restraint. And I'm traveling a bunch, as always - this month includes a trip to Lake Louise to ring in 30, and work trips to Portland, Boise, Spokane, Anchorage, and more! 

1. Read 4 books. Without a tropical vacation, I think 6 might be hard to pull off, but I will at least read our book club book (Go Set A Watchman) and I think reading three others is manageable!

2. Complete Whole30. That's right. I'm trying the Whole30. Actually, it is going to be Whole27, but that's close enough. I'll be starting on Tuesday, March 8 when we return from Canada and going all the way until we get to Mexico on April 3. If you wanna join in with me, let me know! I'll try not to post here too much about it, but I will at least be sharing an update on my weekly Trav & Bri, Recently, posts, and I'll maybe share a favorite recipe or two I discover. For those of you who have done it - any tips or favorite recipes?!? 

3. Maintain painted nails. As I mentioned above, this one is getting pushed into March because of my utter failure. Here goes nothing. 

4. Stick to blog schedule. I wrote out an editorial calendar for my blog for the month of March. I'm taking off most Mondays and Saturdays, and posting on all of the other days. At least one day every week will have workwear, I'll have our weekly Trav & Bri, Recently posts on Sundays, and then I'll be adding in a few other fun things, like a Locals Only series every other Friday where I highlight my Seattle favorites (in hopes of you all planning trips out here and letting me play tour guide, of course). Let's hope some advance planning helps me stay focused, even with work being hectic. 

5. Unplug from the office on Saturdays. I have a really hard time stepping away from my work, so I'm going to try something new in March. No emailing, no writing executive proposals, no submitting expenses - nothing. Maybe it will lead to me turning off other things too - but for now, the thing I struggle with the most is work. 

So that's it! That's what I'm going to do to better myself in March. What do you think? Where would you struggle, and what would be super easy? 
As with last month, I'll be linking up with Nicole when she posts her monthly small goals.

Posted on February 29, 2016 and filed under Personal.