Now that I've joined in a couple of times, I'm hooked. This month's categories aligned perfectly with my birthday, which I guess I'm going to talk about every day this week (it is 30, so I'll cut myself some slack!)! 

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Wishing for some pleather leggings. I've never wanted them before, but lately, I've seen so many great outfits incorporating them, and I'm hooked. 

Craving sweets. So many sweets. And since I'm heading into the first few days of Whole30, they are soon going to be off-limits. Currently drinking as much water with lemon as I can, which seems to somehow satisify those cravings.

Going to Lake Louise! In just a couple of days! I'm technically not starting Whole30 until I get back, so I'm excited to fully indulge and eat good food, drink good wine, and spend lots of quality time with my husband as I ring in 30!

Wearing distressed denim. For work, for play, for casual, and for dressy. I can't get enough lately!

Learning just how long it takes nail polish to actually dry! This goal of painted nails in March requires way more "sit and don't do anything while your nails dry" time than I'm used to! Any tricks?? 

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