Pin to Present: Gallo Pinto

[This post went live this morning without the picture, so here's the updated version with the photos!]

After falling in love with Gallo Pinto (typically just called "Pinto") in Costa Rica, I knew I had to come home and make some. I had purchased some Salsa Lizano on my trip (and now know I can get more on Amazon if I run out!) so I quickly checked Pinterest to ensure I knew everything I needed, ran to the store, and got to cooking on Sunday afternoon. 

 photo pinto_zps34wtq0nu.jpg

They key with Pinto is to cook it in a huge batch, refrigerate it, and then eat from it all week long. To eat it, you simply microwave a bit of the Pinto, cook up some eggs (fried or scrambled or poached) and toss some crema on top. For our version, we picked up some plain Greek Yogurt instead of crema - and I like it more this way than with the traditional crema, to be honest! Don't tell my Costa Rican friend Hector that, though! 

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Posted on February 25, 2016 and filed under Travel.