Welcome to Paradise

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Hi from Costa Rica! We're having the best time down here and have only just begun our trip! I thought I'd swing in really quick to show you a few pictures from Valentine's Day. 

We're down here with one of my best friends from college, her Costa Rican husband, and another couple. Prior to heading down here, the boys group texted secretly to plan an amazing day for us ladies that started out with three dozen red roses being delivered to our condo - it seriously changed the look and feel of our place so much and caught all of us off guard. Then we spent all day down at the beach swimming in the ocean, taking in the warm sun, and drinking delicious local cocktails out of coconuts. After that, we got gussied up for a nice dinner on the beach, where we had some of the best food I've ever had. Like, ever. The seafood down here is just incredible. (I have to make a quick plug for snapchat here - you're missing out on LOTS of vacation snaps if you aren't following along, so you should do it now. My username is bmarie35 and you can follow me using this link.)

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Ray Bans thanks to DITTO's Endless Eyewear program. Seriously, it is so fun to get new designer sunglasses every time I travel! Both the style on me and the style on Daniele (in the strapless floral + pink bikini) are available still. If you want to try a month free, use code WORKCLOTHES - I swear you won't regret it! 

I packed with things that are white, blue, and pink, which so far has been the best move ever. For Valentine's Day, I tossed on this new Ella Moss dress c/o Shopbop (similar here) and my favorite Crocs wedges

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Dress: Ella Moss c/o Shopbop (similar)  |  Shoes: Crocs

Without even trying, the three of us girls ended up looking like we planned our outfits together. Made for some fun pictures, for sure! 

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Now that I look at this picture, the boys all color-coordinated, too! 

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I'm not sure how often I'll be blogging while I'm down here, but I will for sure be back on Thursday for this month's Third Thursday Threads! The theme is blushing beauty and I've got some mighty-fine iPhone photos (sarcasm) of an outfit I wore for a day of work travel last week that never saw daylight, but saw the inside of two different airplanes and three different meeting rooms. It's an outfit I'll definitely be repeating when I get the chance, so there's hope for better photos of it someday! So whether you bring iPhone photos or professional photos, you're welcome here on Thursday as long as you're on-theme! Hope to see you then. 

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