February's Five Goals

February is here and it is time to set my five small goals for the month. But before we dive into that, let's recap January's goals real quick:

  • Start sewing e-class and complete one project. COMPLETE! I finished last night, so it went right down to the wire!
  • Secure financing for remodel. ALMOST DONE. We got approved pending appraisal. Appraisal is scheduled so we should have results within a couple of weeks. But we did all of the heavy lifting in January, so I'm going to call this a success.
  • Spend $0 on clothing. FAIL. I didn't buy anything other than some workout clothes at the Lululemon Warehouse Sale, so I'm still really proud of myself, since I don't count gym clothes towards my clothing budget, I'm still at $0 for the year there!
  • Eat/make more soup. COMPLETE! Trav's even gotten into it and made his first batch of soup last week. We're hooked, I tell ya!
  • Read two books. COMPLETE! Super proud of myself here, since January was busier than I had thought it would be. I finished "A Spool of Blue Thread" and "We Were Liars" and am already halfway through "At The Water's Edge."
 photo feb five goals_zpsvb7zmlyt.jpg

Now, on to February. This month is filled with five work trips, a vacation to Costa Rica, and a visit from my cousin, so we're going to be a little short on time around here. Because of that, I've focused on goals that don't require too much time, but are more constant in-the-background things. 

1. Read 3 books. I'm pretty sure I'll have a reading goal each month, since I did set a yearly goal. For book club this month, we're reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and then I hope to read at least two other books - maybe a fun beach read in Costa Rica! 

2. Make it to the gym 12 times. Because of my crazy work schedule and my 6-day vacation, I'm a bit worried about this number, even. Usually I go at least 4 times a week, but hitting 12 will be lucky this month. 

3. Maintain painted nails. This is a bit of a silly one, but I've been seriously slacking on taking care of my hands lately. I think painted nails look more professional, so I'm going to have a goal of maintaining that look this month - without going to the salon for it. 

4. Tailor ill-fitting pants. I have a few pairs of pants that are baggy and ugly on me now that I've lost a bit of weight. Instead of having them take up space in a closet but never get worn, I'm going to either tailor or donate/sell them all this month. If I can't tailor them to work, it's time to replace them.

5. Save dessert for weekends. I have a terrible ice cream habit. I don't overdo it per serving, but I get on these kicks where I want it every night after dinner. I'm going to save dessert for the weekends this month, which is a habit I've had before and enjoyed maintaining. 

So that's it! Shouldn't be too hard, but also I feel like goals like this end up being harder than things I can check off a to-do list. As with last month, I'm linking up with Nicole

Posted on February 1, 2016 and filed under Personal.