Two workwear outfits in a row? 

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You'd think this blog was about work clothes, or something. Oh, wait. Yep, I'm finally getting my act together. And as I was working on this blog post, I took a break to read some others, and I decided it'd be fun to link up with Anne's Currently link-up. So here we go:

Currently Resolving: to stay focused, embrace simplicity, and give time. I'll be talking about these three, plus my five short-term goals for January, in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned! 

Currently Reading: nothing! I just finished my most recent book club book, The Boys In The Boat. HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you love sports. Or history. Or love stories. Or reading, because it is just a really well-written book. I'm hoping tonight I'll get a chance to swing by the library to pick up a new one - so many books on my list!!

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Shirt: Uniqlo  |  Sweater: BP (similar)  |  Pants: Vince Camuto  |  Shoes: BP

Currently Organizing: my travel schedule for the month. Between work travel and a couple of personal obligations, this month is going to be crazy. But starting off 2016 strong is my biggest goal at work, so here goes! The next three weeks take me to Vancouver (for fun!), Portland, Boise, Spokane, AND probably Anchorage. 

Currently Loving: the emptiness of our house now that we took down Christmas. We're not putting up a lot of our normal decor in anticipation of the big remodel, and the clean, empty surfaces are my favorite thing right now. Embrace simplicity, right?

Currently Craving: sweets. Big time. Weaning myself down from holiday indulgence is such a struggle. But being fully committed to the gym again after a week off? That feels great! 

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Linking up with Anne. And thinking about making this a monthly thing! It's kind of a fun exercise that I may even put some planning into next month. I love how the things they talk about change each month! Definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet. 

Also, side note but I just realized these shoes come in SUCH AWESOME PATTERNS now. Thinking the black floral may be a necessary February purchase. Such a fun way to add some fun to an otherwise conservative or neutral outfit.