January's Five Goals

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This year, I've decided to go beyond a New Years Resolution and add in a concept of smaller monthly goal tracking as well. That doesn't mean I'm skipping an annual focus altogether, though. For 2016 I'm focusing on three large themes: stay focused, embrace simplicity, give time. Stay focused is about being where I am, completely. Focusing on work when I have work to do. Focusing on the taste and flavor and quantity of what I'm eating on drinking. Staying focused on form at the gym; on the task at hand; at completing goals. Embrace simplicity is all about reduction. Appreciating empty, open spaces. Reducing the amount of clutter and stuff around the house and in my closet. Appreciating make-up free days and neutral outfits. Give time is about spending my time in the areas that matter most. Giving gadget-free time to my husband. Giving spare time to my grandmothers, who are in their LATE 90s. Giving time to learning to sew, to preparing healthy meals, to scheduling me-time. 

I'm pretty happy with how versatile all three things are - but more importantly, I'm really challenged by them. I specifically picked areas in which I know I am struggling or not doing well. So here's to improving in all three areas in 2016.

In order to do that well, I believe in setting short-term, smaller goals. I've been loving Nicole's five things a month and how she reflects on what she achieved each month, so I'm going to give it a try! 

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1. Start e-sewing class & finish one project. Months ago, when I thought I had a working sewing machine (long story, but now I have one!) I purchased the sewing class from A Beautiful Mess. And I haven't started yet! So that's my goal for January - start it, and finish at least the first project!

2. Secure financing for remodel project. We're in the permitting phase now, so it's time to get serious about money. We're working with a couple of banking entities right now and before the 31st, I'd like to have everything ironed out and money flowing into an account to get construction started!

3. Spend $0 on clothing. I've decided to set a quarterly budget of $500 ($2000 for the year) just like Fran did in 2015, but I'm going to see if I can go the whole month without a purchase, first. Only exception is if I find a perfect pair of summery heeled/wedged sandals for my February Costa Rica trip. I've been on the hunt for a while without success, so if I find the right pair, I'll pull the trigger. 

4. Eat/make more soup. I've recently decided I don't hate soup if I make it. So I'm going to try to focus on soup recipes when scouring some of my favorite blogs and cookbooks. Gotta take advantage of the cold weather and put that stock pot to work! 

5. Read two books. The more time I spend not watching TV, the happier I am. I set a goodreads goal of 20 books for the year, and in order to get a solid start, I'm aiming for 2 in January. I've got a few on hold at the library so I'm hoping they open up soon! Any recommendations would be appreciated, though! 

I'm linking up with Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl - you should too if you set small, monthly goals!

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