One Year

I can't believe we're already to this point, but this Sunday marks one year of me being married to the best guy I know. I figured I'd stick with the same style recap as I did at the 6 month mark and take a look back at the last half-year of marriage. 

Month Seven included my first Mariner's Game in the Diamond Club. It was the best way to watch a baseball game, and it made it even more fun to be surprised with the whole thing! 

Travis turned 30 in Month Eight, and we celebrated with a full weekend in Lake Chelan with some of our best friends. We think this might have been year one of our "Annual Labor Day Men's Golf Tournament" and probably the worst weather weekend we could have had given where we were. But we had an amazing time and drank lots of great wine. 

The return of football season marked Month Nine and we were excited to return to the #samepiceverygame tradition we've had in past years. Sadly this year it didn't bring us to the Super Bowl, but I still love the tradition we have! 

In Month Ten we returned to Hawaii for the first time since we got engaged - but this time to Kona. We played golf, snorkeled, and spent lots of quality time with my parents and my sis & her bf. 

We were super excited to return home for Month Eleven, which was full of holiday festivities. We continued our tree-cutting-down tradition, but this time took Niko in a totally adorable/embarrassing sweater. 

And this final month, Month Twelve of our first year of marriage, started off with a weekend at the ocean with my family and is ending with lots of trips to our storage unit to get the house ready for the big remodel. 

This year has been an incredible one - one that has not been as challenging as everyone said it might be, and one that has been filled with way more joy than I ever anticipated. It has been marked with dozens of great bottles of wine, thousands of kisses hello, goodbye, good morning, and goodnight, and millions of moments where I pause to reflect on just how lucky I am. 

Happy One Year, husband. I promise you I will never leave again, because you are the only one. 

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Posted on January 28, 2016 and filed under Personal.