10 Things About Me

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Welp, look who went and cut bangs again! I'm so excited to have them back.

I always love reading these posts on other blogs, but haven't ever put one together myself. So here we go!

1. My birthstone is aquamarine. And it is my favorite stone - I love it way more than a diamond. When Travis proposed with a giant aquamarine, I knew we'd be just fine doing this life thing together. Since getting my ring, I notice I wear far less other jewelry, and I love the simplicity that's brought to my getting-ready routine. 

2. I've had LASIK - - twice. I got it once when I was barely 21 and my eyes were still changing, so I got it again when I was 27. It is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself, and now that I travel as much as I do I'm even more grateful that I don't have to deal with dry-contact-eyes on airplanes or carrying around glasses & contact supplies on every trip. And I've technically had it 3 times in my left eye, because it wasn't healing quite right the second time, so they went in and fixed it. If you guys are debating it, DO IT NOW. It will change your life in ways you can't even anticipate, I swear. 

3. Our 5 year plan includes Travis opening a winery. I'm 100% supportive of it and can't wait to have a wine cellar filled with his labors of love. If we're successful, promise you'll come visit us?? 

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4. I sell technology. I work for a company that sells performance monitoring software for large - and small - enterprises. Basically, we have a device that is installed by IT teams to get an understanding of how their applications and networks are performing. It's pretty cool stuff, and it is why I am on the road so often visiting prospects, partners, and customers across the NW.

5. I'm a born-and-raised Seattleite. But I did leave for college - I went to Santa Clara University in Northern California. I think at that age I figured I'd live all over the world, but what it really showed me is how much I wanted Seattle to be home. So back I came, and here I stay!

6. I'd own a million oversized sweaters if I could. I feel like I can never have enough, and I wear them year round, thick or thin. They are my favorite thing to wear to lounge at home (I don't understand people who live in hoodies), and I find ways to wear them outside of the home as often as possible. And half the time - I'm wearing one of Travis's sweaters!

7. I don't like re-watching movies. Or re-reading books. Or eating at the same place over and over again. In my mind, there are too many movies I haven't seen, books I haven't read, and meals I haven't tried to waste time re-doing the things I've done. Same applies to travel destinations, nail polish colors, and wine selections. 

8. I married my 8th grade boyfriend. If you've been around here for a while, you might already know this. But Travis and I have known each other for a LONG time and even "dated" for a few months in middle school. We didn't date all through high school and college but kept in touch, and then I became the luckiest when we both realized it had always been us, so it should always be us. 

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9. Travel is my passion. And in a way, I've found a way to do that through work, even though I'm not exploring new places on most of my trips. I've been to 5/7 continents and can't wait to cross Australia off the list (2017, maybe)? I'm so glad that Travis loves to travel just as much as I do - and that we both love the "off the beaten path" travel more than the super touristy spots. Check out a map of where I've been, here

10. I love dogs. I even made Travis promise that we could have a dog for the rest of our lives once we got married. I wasn't willing to have that be negotiated, at all! It took us a while to find the right one after we got married, and having Niko in our lives has reminded me just how amazing dogs are. I'm rarely happier than I am when I'm hanging with a pup. 

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