Third Thursday Threads Theme Announcement

As always, this month is flying by and we are just about 10 days away from our first Third Thursday Threads link-up of the year. Since I'm not buying anything this month, I've been thinking more about pieces that are built to last. When I do make a purchase in February (which we all know I will), I want it to be for something I really want, and that will live a long and healthy life as a part of my closet. Fran talks about it a bit here, but she's one of the bloggers I admire most for building a list of things she wants and finding a way to build them into her financial goals - and because they spend so much time on her wish list as she's saving, she knows she REALLY wants them - and that she'll keep them forever!

So for January, let's link up that piece you saved for, dreamt of forever, or are still saving for. Share an outfit that includes the piece, a post about the meaning of the piece, or a post that details the piece you're still coveting. That statement piece you know you'll have forever. That accessory that has sentimental value that you won't ever part with. The pair of shoes you re-sole rather than toss/donate. The big-ticket item you saved and saved and saved for. 

 photo ttt_zpsqxfjow06.jpg

I'm struggling with exactly what to call this link-up, so I'm going to simply call it "Most Cherished Item." Interpret it as you will, and come to link up NEXT Thursday, January 21st, at 7am PT. 

Posted on January 11, 2016 and filed under Third Thursday Threads.