Sissy Style: Buttoned Up

One of my favorite things about the sissy style series here on WCIS is the fact that most of these start out as texts between my sis and I early in the morning as she gets ready for work. She'll send me, and often my mom, a text with a few photos, giving us options. Buttoned or unbuttoned? Jeans or leggings? Short statement necklace or pendant? 

I always think that'd be a fun service - have a number that you could text with options and they'd guide you on what is most flattering/most in style/most appropriate for the event you're attending/etc. Until then, we have group texts with our family and friends, I guess!

 photo BBAF529B-8B1B-4502-B433-2591A9FEA84E_zpssuccrbai.jpg

My sister and I have both succeeded in finding the perfect pale chambray. I seriously wish there was a way for me to just bleach mine 100% white so it could become my white dress shirt. But alas, I still don't have one I love. Forever on the hunt, I tell ya!

 photo 743EBBF6-B7BC-4D20-A3B9-D4E1D2D4C123_zpsheuut4pz.jpg

Sweater: similar  |  Chambray: Sloan (similar)  |  Leggings: similar
Boots: Franco Sarto

 photo FD6129D1-D3F7-4708-A3C9-54298A8ACA1C_zpsjiei5ga9.jpg

Above: buttoned. Below: unbuttoned. In this particular outfit, do you prefer the shirt underneath buttoned up all the way, or unbuttoned a bit? Let me know in the comments!

 photo 99274D15-1BF6-4C51-BA4A-62B155C0162A_zpsc3doy0kz.jpg

Also, remember this outfit? It was directly inspired by her layering here. Gotta get inspiration everywhere I can! 

Posted on February 23, 2016 and filed under Sissy Style.