Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.26

Recently at home
I spent some time last week up in Anchorage for work and was lucky to get sunny, crisp weather. It was more winter  than fall, but it did help me pull out some of my cold-weather clothes and I'm getting excited for temperatures to drop more here in Seattle. One afternoon I went for a long walk along the Coastal Trail in Anchorage - gorgeous, isn't it? 

 photo IMG_3522_zpsyzjuqjgw.jpg

Recently purchased
Some new olive green work pants I couldn't be more in love with. I wore them in Anchorage for the first time and will be getting a LOT of wear out of them this fall. I'll have a full post this week with how I plan on styling them! They are currently only left in a 2 and a 6 - so act fast if those are your sizes! They are darker than in the picture online, fyi. 

 Recently styled
Lots of workout clothes. For workouts that are inspired by Hugh Jackman and are super fun while still insanely challenging, of course: 

 photo IMG_3527_zpskf2l1cpz.jpg

Recently consumed
Now that I have a library card, I've been making time to read. Trav will turn on the TV, and I'll sit with him, but with my back to the TV, reading. I just finished Me Before You - and was SOBBING at the end. Highly recommend it. Also read The Book Of Speculation, which I really liked as well! Currently reading Tell the Wolves I'm Home, which is great so far. 

Recently in love
If you haven't yet, check out my Wedding Week series! I have one post left which will go live sometime this coming week, with all of our lessons learned and tips for those planning their own winter wedding. Here's the links for all 5 days: Getting Ready, First Look & Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception, Details

Coming up next
That promised final wedding week post
My Fall Bucket List (and final results of the end-of-summer one)
Some new olive green work pants!!

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