Wedding Week: The Details

To wrap up this week of wedding recaps (just a million months late), I thought I'd highlight some more of the little details of our big day. I tried really hard to keep our wedding simple, classic, and from the heart. That meant that I gave lots of control to our vendors - I trusted them to do what was best, and I didn't try to micromanage their processes.

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For our florist, I used a local florist who had done many weddings in our venue. I told her I wanted white everywhere, with pine branches and greenery to break it up, and that touches of gold would be beautiful. She suggested the tree rounds as a base and lots of votives, which I absolutely loved. She showed me a few bouquet and boutonniere examples from other weddings she'd done, and we picked from that. She had done a ribbon and light ceremony backdrop before with candles and rose petals along the aisle, and I suggested she add in some pine branch pieces to better match the theme, but that otherwise it all sounded great. And then we were done with flowers. 

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Our linens and chairs were rented from the same place - my cousins who own a rental service! They even had some amazing gold beaded chargers to help bring more gold to the table. And to avoid going over the top with gold, we went with their chocolate brown chairs with cream cushions, and only used sparkly gold linens on the head table. 

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I bought our table numbers on Etsy along with our cake topper. Again, just trying to keep the nature+gold theme while keeping it simple. I've been able to loan the table numbers out to a couple of friends who've gotten married since our wedding, and I love that they are getting some more use! 

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I made a few garlands to hang on the back of our chairs and on the walls behind the cake table, but otherwise wanted the beauty of the wine production facility and barrels to be the primary focus. I'm so glad I didn't over-decorate! Isn't it a gorgeous facility? 

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Our programs were a labor of love from my cousin Darrel. He's a creative genius and was able to take my Pinterested examples and turn them into something that fit us both perfectly. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out - and one of my favorite gifts after our wedding was from Travis's boss: she took the program to a framing shop and had them do a layout of all 4 pages. It's hanging in our guest room and I couldn't love it more! Every time I look at it I remember how amazing our day was. 

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He also helped make all of the signs for the event - for the bar, cake table, scotch & cigar bar, and more. We tucked those into simple black frames, some of which had been spray-painted gold by my mom, to help people know what was going on. We did the same thing for table assignments at the top of the stairs to the cellar where the ceremony was held. 

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The guest book was one of my favorite parts - a good family friend donated a wine barrel, my dad sliced off the top, and we had guests sign it. Once we finish our remodel, we'll get it hung - for now its propped up in our hallway where we see it every day. 

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Upstairs, we had a table to collect gifts, and for cards, my mom painted and distressed a mailbox. On one side, it said "love letters" and on the other, "the clarks, est. 2015" - we have it displayed in our living room on top of some shelves, and while we won't keep it forever, it's a nice decorative touch in our home for now. 

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We also had a table with photos of our family members on their wedding day. I loved that we could display a few pictures of Travis's mom on one of her happiest days, as well as our grandparents who are no longer with us, on their wedding days. It was one of my favorite areas for people to see as they walked in. 

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As a last-minute purchase, I ordered a bunch of matchbooks to be at the Scotch & Cigar bar. I loved the play on words and am so bummed that I didn't grab a handful of them to keep at home! At least we got a photo of them though!

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The biggest project of the wedding was our favors, which also were our seat markers at each table. If you've been here for a while you know that we made wine bottle candles for each guest. This was a HUGE project and was part of the reason that we didn't do too much else in terms of crafts. What I loved was the multi-purpose nature of these candles. The label I designed for them had a thank you we wrote to all of our guests. The nametag that was wrapped around the wick helped people find their seats, and the type of nametag was how the servers knew whether that guest had steak, chicken, fish, or vegetarian pasta. And of course, the guests got to take them home as a favor and instill the scent of chardonnay into their homes! I couldn't have been more proud of how they turned out. 

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Come back tomorrow for one final post on my tips for those of you who are engaged or are soon to be engaged - including details on the gifts we got our family and attendants (like a pair of Kate Spade earrings for each of the bridesmaids). I only hope to do this once, so I don't think that makes me an expert, but I do think I managed to plan a wedding without getting too stressed - and it turned out exactly how I'd pictured it. So I think I have a few tips that might be helpful! In a few weeks I'll do a wrap-up post on our honeymoon, since I slacked on that as well! 

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