Wedding Week: The Reception

Our ceremony was incredible, and while I wanted it to slow down a little bit, I couldn't wait to get to our reception.

Now, on to the reception. Travis and I had some time after the ceremony with our best man (his cousin) and maid of honor (my sis) and our officiant (our friend Joey) to sign the marriage license while everyone else was enjoying passed appetizers and refreshments upstairs. We had an awesome guitar player who strummed along while singing and from what I heard, he was amazing. After we signed our marriage license, we took a few photos in the wine barrel rooms downstairs, which turned out to be some of my favorite photos of the day.

 photo britravwed425_zpstnu34lkb.jpg
 photo britravwed404_zpse0ulkbrx.jpg
 photo britravwed413_zpsohleqc0c.jpg

Our amazing catering team also brought us our own tray of appetizers (grilled cheese and tomato soup, and asparagus wrapped in cheesy dough) and some champagne, which we devoured! It was great to know that we would get some food in us, as we weren't sure how the dinner hour would go. Turns out we had plenty of time to eat, which was great. After cocktail hour, everyone filled in downstairs and then Travis and I got to make our entrance (they had a sneaky elevator so we took it up as they were coming down the stairs, then we walked around and followed them!). 

 photo britravwed461_zps0yya4ehq.jpg

We got our food first and enjoyed it quickly and then made an effort to go around the room, saying hi and thank you to everyone who was there. For some of our guests, this was our only time with them, so it was important for us to run around and say hi. Then came the speeches - my dad, my sister, and Travis's cousin. All three of them were hilarious, sentimental, so sweet, and completely memorable. After that, it was dancing time!

 photo britravwed546_zpsi0vbnfws.jpg
 photo britravwed567_zpseafwlkds.jpg
 photo britravwed556_zps2oqryj7m.jpg

Travis and I danced to "One" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. After that, I danced with my dad to "In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride. After that, Travis and his sister started to dance - but my sis and I soon joined them and invited the whole crowd out on the dance floor. We kicked off the dance party with two of our personal at-home dance-party favorites - "And We Danced" by Macklemore and "Vivir Mi Vida" by Marc Anthony. The dance floor from that point forward wasn't empty all night! 

 photo britravwed588_zpsciu7cfqz.jpg

Oh - and at some point we cut the cake. But I can't remember in which order we did that! Maybe before our dance? Probably. I'm not sure! We had a four-tier wedding cake and cut into the bottom - our favorite, carrot cake. It was SO GOOD! We also had apple spice cake with chai filling, vanilla cake with salted caramel filling, and chocolate cake with coconut filling. I could have sat down right then and eaten a piece of each! 

 photo britravwed583_zps377ail1s.jpg

And you guys - my grandma, who is now 97 years old, danced the night away! This has to be one of my favorite shots of the entire night - I love how everyone kind of cleared the area, whipped out their phones to snap photos and take videos, and just cheered her on! 

 photo britravwed638_zpssgdan2eh.jpg

Later in the night, we opened up our Scotch & Cigar Bar, and we ended the night with a Hot Dog Bar, which was delicious. Having a late night snack is my favorite recent trend at weddings, I think, because I'm always so hungry after all of the dancing! 

Finally, after all was wrapped up and the dance floor was closed, our guests sent us off into the chilly January night with sparklers and cheer, and I absolutely loved those final moments with everyone we love!

 photo britravwed756_zpsbg4amnos.jpg

Come back tomorrow for some final details, including some things I missed in earlier posts! It might end up being my favorite post of the week!

Posted on September 24, 2015 and filed under Personal.