Wedding Week: The Ceremony

Just have a few photos to share from the ceremony, which was the best ever. Our mutual friend Joey (I've known him since I was five, Travis since he was 10, and Travis lived with him in college) married us and put together the world's best wedding ceremony. We said our own vows, we exchanged rings, and we kissed to seal the deal. Truly the best ever. 

My dad walked me down the aisle - I now understand why you don't walk by yourself - I got so nervous right at the last minute! It was great to have someone steady with my arm. 

Also - that bouquet was SO HEAVY but exactly what I dreamed of. Our florist even spray painted some pine branches gold to match my colors. All the whites and creams throughout the wedding decor made my heart so happy. 

 photo britravwed366_zpsgcvvoycg.jpg

There were laughs and sweet, sentimental moments throughout the ceremony. Joey did the best job making it feel like the right ceremony for us. 

 photo britravwed373_zpsifvvin8x.jpg

Our florist also designed the ribbon & pine & light piece for our ceremony. The room was pretty enough on its own, but I loved the added detailing this installation provided. 

 photo britravwed390_zps5hsqesud.jpg

And since I forgot to mention it earlier: my dress is Modern Trousseau, the belt was purchased on sale at Anthropologie (this is my current favorite), and my veil was a single piece of tulle that I got at my bridal salon - the dress theory. Travis's suit is Ted Baker London

Posted on September 23, 2015 and filed under Personal.