Wedding Week: First Look & Bridal Party

In order to keep things moving once the ceremony started, and to capture some daytime, we decided to do a first look and our bridal party and family photos before the ceremony started. I loved that Travis and I had some time together before the ceremony, and it was great to ensure we got outdoor photos in the daylight. 

 photo britravwed152_zpscagp5pon.jpg
 photo britravwed158_zpsrzdz0q2m.jpg

Travis's mom passed away a few years ago, but I wanted him to feel she was with him during our big day, so my mom helped me make a little locket for him to wear with his boutonniere - a photo of him & his mom was inside, and he wore it closed over his heart all day, keeping her close. I love that our photographers captured me giving it to him - definitely one of the more emotional parts of the day.  

 photo britravwed177_zpscx0ouba6.jpg

I really wanted snow on my wedding day, which I didn't get - BUT our photographers found this gorgeous frozen pond to take some photos in front of, and I love the way they turned out. It may not look it in these photos, but it was COLD, so I'm not sure how manageable the snow would have been...probably a good thing it didn't happen!

 photo britravwed793_zpsrtzj9p2n.jpg

The furs for the girls were a gift - I wanted something to tie them all together since their dresses were all different - and I hoped it would help keep them a bit warmer on a freezing winter day. The ones I got are no longer available, but there are some similar fur scarves here

 photo britravwed247_zpsa2yi2ejy.jpg
 photo britravwed264_zpsnce1frge.jpg

Travis wanted the guys all to have some fun socks, and we figured what better than Seahawks socks! They are from this shop

 photo britravwed278_zpsqnhezemv.jpg
 photo britravwed265_zpsag2ioujr.jpg

One other added benefit of seeing each other first was my favorite part of the day: before the ceremony was going to start, Travis and I shut ourselves in the wine library to read each other our vows. I didn't want to cry during the actual ceremony, and I knew he didn't either, but more importantly, I really wanted to hear his vows, and to have him hear mine, and I was worried that during the ceremony time would just fly. So we sat together for a few minutes and read our vows and talked about why we wrote the things we did. It was such a special moment, and it allowed me to really hear him, and experience the things he was promising me. It made for the best part of the day, for sure. 

Come back tomorrow for the ceremony!! I'll share some of the decor details, a bit about our programs, and some photos from the ceremony itself. 

Posted on September 22, 2015 and filed under Personal.