Update: End of Summer Bucket List

I thought it would be good to check in on my end of summer bucket list and see how far I still have to go. I realize I never gave an end date - in case it wasn't clear, I want to do all of these things before the summer officially leaves, and this year the first day of fall is Wednesday, September 23. I'm making great progress so far!

 photo bucket list - progress_zpspkcdvzmz.jpg

So - here's how I've accomplished it, so far:

√ Go To An Outdoor Concert I did this one right when I posted the bucket list - Of Monsters and Men at Marymoor Park. What an amazing show!

Make S'Mores This one hasn't happened yet, but I have plans over Labor Day Weekend, so no concerns here.

√ Read Three Books Off My Reading List This one was so easy, thanks to a power outage at the hotel I was at over the weekend. I read The Dangers of Proximal Alphabets, The Secret Placeand If Only You People Could Follow DirectionsI'm a big Tana French fan, so that was definitely my favorite of the three!

√ Try a New Restaurant or Bar Travis surprised me with tickets to a Mariner's Game - in the Diamond Club! It had the best food, the best service, and I'll never be able to go back to the old way of watching a baseball game. It seriously ruined me. 

Take Niko For His First Swim I had hoped to do this last week in Chelan, but I'll now be accomplishing this over Labor Day as well. I got him a new floaty duck toy that he LOVES out of water, so I'm hoping he'll want to chase it right into the water and will completely forget his uncertainty! 

√ Have a Tech-Free Day This was SO hard. Only because I did it while on PTO and when I'm on PTO I still have to check email. So I did it except for 2 email checks. I even cooked zucchini bread and made pickles using recipes from actual cook books I own. It was way better than using an online recipe! (I got the zucchini bread recipe from this cookbook, which is my all-time favorite. Lots of local goodness in here, and her stories alongside the recipes are great. PLUS - she arranged it by season, which I now want all cookbooks to do!)

Go For a Long Bike Ride Somewhere New This one is proving hard to do, as we aren't traveling with our bikes right now! Too much else in the car. BUT - I think we should be able to do this before the 23rd. I hope!

Watch the Sunset from Golden Gardens This one should be easy, but it hasn't been! I've gotta remember it next time we have an open evening!

 photo ferry_zpspgwm1xuh.jpg

√ Ride a Ferry We got lucky in that we had to ride a ferry to/from the wedding we went to last weekend. We got unlucky with weather, though, so most of the ride was spent inside. Next summer I need to make this a priority earlier in the year!

√ Try a New Winery in Lake Chelan A couple of weeks ago I took a few friends to Chelan and we tried Siren Song. And I loved it. I even signed up for their wine club. Here's to a new (second) favorite Chelan winery! 

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