Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.23

Recently at home
Niko has been on vacation for a couple of weeks in Chelan with my parents and it hasn't been the same at home. Even Amos, who not-so-secretly hates Niko, has been lonely. We're over in Chelan with him (for the second weekend in a row) and cannot wait to bring him back home with us this time!

Recently purchased
Black Steve Madden slip-on sneakers (these ones) at Costco, of all places. If this happens more often in the future, we've got ourselves a problem...

Recently styled
I have been going caseless on my phone for a while and am thinking its time to get a new case. I'm even thinking of getting one that's pretty more than functional, because if I can go without a case, I definitely don't need one for the purpose of protecting the phone. There are four brands I'm picking between - would love to know your feedback: the pretty florals from rifle paper co., the classic beauty of kate spade new york, the geometric+stone options from zero gravity, and the unique patterns from sonix. Any favorites? 

 photo iphones_zpsynbwtywo.jpg

Recently consumed
An entire tree-full of peaches. Almost literally. And I picked the rest to bring home to do who knows what with. Any favorite peach recipes out there?? 

Recently in love
Today, the love of my life turns 30. 30!! I am spending this weekend spoiling him rotten with the help of my family and some of his best friends - in fact, as you read this, he's out golfing with his brand new golf clubs and all the boys. Travis, I love you so much and am so excited to celebrate tons and tons more birthdays together and follow all of our wildest dreams as a team. Happy 30th, babe!

 photo britravwed404_zpso8zc6jat.jpg

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