Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.25

Recently at home
Our little urban farm is starting to get along much better. Amos and Niko are willing to be on the same piece of furniture. Niko doesn't try to kill the chickens when they are all out in the backyard together. With the rainy season coming, we've upgraded our chicken coop, and the girls are much, much happier already. Amos has finally started hanging out in his cat apartment (I think to get away from Niko, but whatever). Overall, our little house full of animals is seeming like a really good decision. 

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Recently purchased
I joined a gym! Or, rather, I signed up for a gym's 8-week transformation, complete with eating guidelines, workout minimum requirements, and accountability from both the coaches and the other participants. The last day of the program is the day I leave for Hawaii, and if things go well, I'll plan on showing you guys the before/after of my experience once it all wraps up! Today I'm getting my body fat percentage information in one of those mobile dunk tanks - I'm super excited! 

Recently styled
Been following on snapchat (bmarie35)? If so, you've probably seen a few days worth of my not-so-awesome dog-walking outfits, which seriously look like I got dressed in the dark, grabbing whatever was closest. Good thing I'm not using my walks to meet new people...instead they are my time to clear my head, enjoy the silliness of Niko, and get my steps in! Also - check out these sweets with my face on them courtesy of DITTO! Their Endless Eyewear program is so fun - try it free for a month with code WORKCLOTHES!

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Recently consumed
Tonight we're ordering pizza to watch the Seahawks/Packers game, because after tonight, no pizza for 8 weeks. No added sugars, dairy, or any other garbage. After tonight we go for proteins, veggies, fruits, and some healthy grains only! I love eating clean, and I'm really excited for it - or I will be, once I eat my body weight in pizza tonight!

Recently in love
You may or may not know that when Travis isn't working full time as a paralegal, he's in school for enology - learning how to make wine. This fall he started his production classes, meaning that he's actually making the wine that they will sell! It's been a blast so far but really long days for him as he drives 3+ hours to pick grapes, and then goes through the entire process to de-stem, crush, ferment, blend, and so on. I can't wait to taste the finished products as the year goes on! 

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Coming up next
An entire week of wedding details. I've procrastinated long enough on this, and I really do want to show you guys some of my details, especially as people start to work on their own winter wedding details. This coming week, we'll see it all! And speaking of weddings, check out this chalkboard love story I made for my friend's engagement party over the weekend - it was my first time making one of these and now I want to make 500 more! 

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