Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.20

Recently at home

I've had the same three pieces of art up in my front entryway since I first moved in. The area has recently been re-vamped with the addition of a tall tray that houses our favorite engagement photo and some adorable succulents in hand-painted mugs that my mom made for my bridal shower. It's been time to update the frames for a while, and I'm finally 2/3 there! I ordered these two gold prints from this Etsy shop and I LOVE THEM! I've ordered a wedding photo to put in the 3rd frame, so once I have that I'll be sure to show a finished photo. 

 photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpste5tkt8a.jpg

Recently purchased

I mentioned last week that we're cutting back on purchases due to some upcoming trips. This week I thought about a lot of purchases, but made none. I am, however, on the hunt for a lavender dress for a wedding I'm in next year. If you see one, make sure to send it my way! I love the neckline detail on this one, but it isn't quite right. I don't need shoes to match, but if I did (and I had no budget), these or these would come home with me immediately! Isn't the patent purple on the second pair so unique?! 

Recently styled

Finally, the green dress from my budget post that you guys all loved so much. Isn't it great on, too? You guys should really go pick it up if you have to dress up for work! It is full price now, which makes me really regret not picking it up in black, too. I still might, I think?

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Dress: Nordstrom  |  Shoes: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn  |  Necklace: Le Tote

Recently consumed

I love reading book reviews on other blogs, but HATE writing my own. Anne's had some great reads lately - I've loved many of her recommendations, and this last time, she linked to my new source of reading material: the indie next list. My entire library book hold list has been made up from books on this list, and I've already finished a few of them. If you guys need some good recommendations (for you or for your kid!), check out Anne's book tag archives. 

Recently in love

Have you guys read about love languages? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. I am torn between lots of love languages, but the highest is definitely quality time. Making dinner together after work is a big way that Travis loves me - we have great teamwork in the kitchen, and making something together that we both get to enjoy is so special. This week we started off with 2 goals: use frozen bing cherries, and use a pork tenderloin we had in the freezer. He handled the meat - brining it a day before, doing a dry rub in the morning before work, and grilling it outside. He peeled the sweet potatoes, and I boiled them & mashed them, made a sauce with the cherries (with balsamic + red wine), and prepped the salad. He picked and poured the wine. Really amazing teamwork that led to a phenomenal meal. The best way to spend time together during a busy workweek, for sure. 

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PS. Did you guys see my "First 6 Months" marriage recap? If not, go check it out!

Coming up next
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