The Summer Work Daytrip

Last week I had a quick trip to Boise on the books - a flight in the morning, three meetings (one over lunch), and then a flight back to Seattle. It was a warm day in Seattle (85 or so) but a hot day in Boise (95+). Add the airplane temperature, the A/C in the car, and the unknown temperature in meetings, and I was pretty uncertain about what I should wear. 

Enter the print t-shirt dress. With a cardigan, of course. 

 photo IMG_9240_zpsje6nw2f3.jpg
(pictures obviously taken at home after my trip - Hi Niko!)

Dress: LOFT (tropical print)  |  Shoes: BP  |  Cardigan: hand-me-down from mom (similar)

 photo IMG_9234_zpskbvimxeg.jpg

I bought this dress a few months ago after seeing it on Fran and I wear it nonstop. It's the perfect all-season dress and worked out perfectly for this trip. I don't like to go sleeveless for more conservative meetings, and since we were meeting both an insurance company and a financial institution, I wanted to be sure I was professional enough. 

I didn't see this post until yesterday when I was catching up on Fran's Top 3, but it definitely describes an outfit formula I kind of live by, often without noticing! 

Also, quick note since I was on the site: LOFT is having a HUGE dress sale right now. So many cute options...but I'm going to resist temptation and not buy any! 

Posted on August 4, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.