Pick My Wedding Outfit, round 2, part 1

You guys were so much help last time we did this - ever since then I've been excited for round two. We have another wedding on Saturday and this time I'm not sold on a dress, so we've got a few different types of options. There's a voting area at the bottom, and just like last time feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts - mix the shoes from one outfit with the dress and jewelry from another? - anything you want!

So here's the details on the wedding: Travis is a groomsman - it is his friend from college getting married. It's up in the San Juan Islands at a place called Rosario - the ceremony will likely be outside (unless there's rain!) and the reception inside. Because of that, I'd like to wear either wedges or thick heels, so I haven't included my fun heels from the last wedding in the mix. Travis will be wearing gray, so I'm not too concerned with matching/clashing with him. 

Alright - so as you can see by the text above I had every intention of showing you a few options. But when I put on all the dresses I had, I hated them all. Like, HATED. So last night I frantically ordered two dresses from Nordstrom to choose between (this one in pink and this one in dark coral). I also ordered these in dark beige. So we'll see which one fits better, and if I can get my act together tonight, I'll be posting some accessory options for you to choose from for the dress I like most. 

 photo dresses_zpslbto3cul.jpg

For now, which dress do you like better? And how would you style them??

My Favorite Dress Is:
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If all goes well, there will be a second post up tonight with accessory voting options! 

Posted on August 27, 2015 .