Denim for Fall + Style Help!

After writing the shopping list post last week, I realized that I've only ever posted skinny jeans (and one pair of boyfriend jeans) on this blog. (Except this one time I wore hand-me-down jeans from mom in one of my first posts - wow blast from the past.) And I'm honestly a bit afraid of other jean shapes being trendy, because I'm not sure they are as flattering on me. 

Point being, trends are heading back toward flares, boot cuts, and wide leg and I'm terrified. Funny part is - I remember being terrified of skinny jeans. Thinking they'd make me look too curvy. Thinking they'd point out my already short legs even more. Thinking they'd be uncomfortable and only go with long, loose, baggy tops. Oh how things have changed, right!?

So I've been looking around at inspiration for my first modern pair of non-skinny jeans. And I'm finding some looks I really like. Just kidding. I'm not at all! I'm terrified and not yet on board. At all. I mean, sure, when I look at Pinterest, I like some of these outfits:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.01.37 AM_zpsabhuurmp.png

But I know that in six months I'll be wearing a pair or two, so I figure I'm going to start with something safe - a pair that I can dress up with a blazer and heels or booties for work, and also wear with a simple t-shirt for a weekend. I wore flares all the time last time they were popular, so that shouldn't be TOO hard, right? Starting with a dark wash feels safest. I think I'll order the Beckett Bell Bottom from Rag & Bone and also the Transcend Bell Canyon from Paige. Plus, I think a lot of you like Joe's Jeans, right? Maybe the Flawless Vixen Sassy Boot Cut too??

I'll be ordering some options and I'll make sure to show them all here, so please do take a minute to leave me any thoughts or tips you have! Which brands of designer denim do you love the most? Are you on board with non-skinny jeans? If so, how do you style them? What tops? And what shoes? And when do we get to wear our beloved riding boots? I loved this post from Audrey mostly because of the comments - so many awesome answers and opinions, and would love to see that here too! 

Posted on August 24, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.