Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.22

Recently at home
Niko is spending a week on vacation with my parents over in Lake Chelan. That means he's getting some extra attention all day long, some serious training (thanks mom!) and lots of new smells to explore on walks. Also known as heaven on earth for this pup!

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Recently purchased
Nothing! But I've got my eye on a Kate Spade backpack that I think would be an amazing fall addition. Why oh why do nice handbags have to be so expensive?! In other news, while browsing the handbag section of Shopbop I found this brand called Dogeared (you may recognize some of their cute jewelry) - aren't these the cutest cosmetic pouches you've ever seen?!?!? I'm boring, so I really love the one that simply says "random crap".

Recently styled

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For wine tasting in Lake Chelan, I pulled out my romper and my Ray Bans (which I kept from DITTO) and couldn't have been more comfortable. The pair I just got to borrow are these by Elizabeth and James and I am really liking them. And the sunglasses case it came with is unlike any I've seen before! Remember, if you want to give Endless Eyewear a try but don't want to pay, use code WORKCLOTHES for your first month free. 

Recently consumed
My reading list has been out of this world long, including way too many books on my kindle that I hadn't gotten to. I've recently finished two books by Chris Pavone; The Accident and The Expats . I'm not sure I loved either of them, although once I started them I didn't really want to put them down. Now on to book #3 as part of my end of summer bucket list. I'm hoping I can get a few more than three read, but we'll see.

Recently in love
Travis's cousin and his wife welcomed their first baby last week. We went over to meet him when he was just 2 days old, and he was wide awake and super alert for most of our visit. Tiny babies are just the most amazing things in the world to me, and baby Grant is no exception!

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