The Things I Don't Own

I've noticed lately that the world of shopping is shrinking as the world of borrowing grows. I lived in the city for two years without owning a car - I simply borrowed one from Zipcar whenever I needed one - and nowadays I could use uber or lyft. I remember a company in Seattle years ago called Bag Borrow & Steal (or something like that - oh - it still exists!) where you could borrow expensive handbags. Netflix started their business by mailing DVDs that you could borrow and return as desired. 

And the market is shifting more and more that way. Need a fancy ballgown for a gala? Rent a dress from Rent the Runway. Want to have millions of clothing options at your disposal but don't have the bank account to buy it all? Rent from Le Tote. Want designer sunglasses but aren't ready to take the plunge and own a pair? Rent them from DITTO. Want to have a fun rotation of jewelry to choose from? Get Rocksbox. The list could go on and on, seriously. 

And I love that the market is heading this way. I love thinking about the future of what I won't have to own anymore, but can just borrow, and it really excites me. What's your dream subscription/membership product? Right now I'd love to be able to borrow work bags - I have my standby, but how fun would it be to change up styles and colors? Is this a thing? I have no idea. 

Anyway, this outfit below is made up of sunglasses I don't own, a dress I don't own, and a necklace I don't own. Basically all I get to keep is the shoes. (Well, and the glasses because I'm buying them, because I love them way too much. But that's another story.)

 photo IMG_9325_zpsud0nmmed.jpg

Dress & Necklace: Le Tote (get $25 off!)
Sunglasses: DITTO (use code BMARIE35 for a free month!)
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Sweater: BP (similar)

 photo IMG_9316_zpsfgyguadu.jpg

I took a break from Le Tote for a while, and was so happy when I re-started to see all of the awesome new arrivals. There are some pieces on there that I can't wait to see in a future tote for fall. And tell me - would you keep this dress? It fits pretty perfectly and with all of the tropical vacations I have coming up, I'd love to have a patterned maxi. But at $ might be a bit too expensive. Thoughts?

 photo IMG_9331_zpssn4xg80e.jpg

These glasses, on the other hand, are total keepers. They are brand new ray bans in a style I really love for only $115! If you guys have ever dreamed of having fancy designer sunglasses but aren't ready to spend hundreds of dollars, a DITTO membership is only $19/month - free for the first month with code BMARIE35 - and TOTALLY worth it, in my opinion. And they aren't even paying me to say this, although I do get a credit if you sign up with that code. 

And now to end the worlds most wordy post, don't forget that this Thursday is Third Thursday Threads! The theme is "Skirt Two (or more) Ways" and I can't wait to see how you guys are all styling your skirts! I need some serious inspiration if I'm going to teach myself to be a skirt wearing gal!

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