Summer (Teeth) White(ning)

I don't know about you, but I love summer whites. Especially when it comes to my teeth! Yes, I realize its super corny, but in summer, I tend to wear brighter lipstick, less makeup otherwise, and I notice that it's more important to have bright, shiny, pearly whites!

If you read Katrina's blog, you've probably heard about Smile Brilliant. They were super nice and sent me a home whitening kit to try, which I was honestly super nervous about. I already have sensitive teeth and envy people who bite into their ice cream bars while I awkwardly break them apart with my lips, and all I've ever heard is that whitening makes it worse. But I figured since I've never tried it, it was worth at least one shot. Plus, the process sounded fun. 

I was sent the kit, I made my molds, sent them in, and was quickly sent my trays. And they fit! Success #1. It took me a couple of weeks to remember to try it, but I did it earlier this week for the first time and so far, so good! I started with the Desensitizing Gel, which - placebo or not - helped me not have any sensitivity at all from the Whitening Gel, which I left on for over an hour! And since we all know it didn't happen without photo proof, here you go:

 photo IMG_9200_zpsqbynv0on.jpg
Amos was not so sure about it, but he let me open the box, so that was a good start
 photo IMG_9203_zps0wyh11fq.jpg
The kit came with everything I needed: the paste and trays for the molds, the whitening and desensitizing gel, a return mailing envelope, and detailed instructions.
 photo IMG_2322_zps7ymzrmsn.jpg
I took one awkward cell phone pic while making my molds. It was super easy, though!
 photo IMG_9298_zpsjuqi4rbu.jpg
Right before whitening, I took a quick picture of the supplies. The trays are awesome and super comfortable, and the syringe made it really easy to evenly distribute the gel.
 photo IMG_9303_zpsiioggymt.jpg
This was the best part - I could wear them while I was working! I even took a quick phone call, although that wasn't ideal. I left them on about an hour the first time and plan to do another treatment next week. I'll let you know how I feel about effectiveness and change after that!

I'm a big coffee + red wine drinker, so I know that I have stains to remove, and I'm eager to see how Smile Brilliant works for me! The natural tooth coloring resides UNDERNEATH the enamel, so it's hard to change the color too drastically, but I can definitely see coffee and red wine stains I'd rather not have! I love that the custom-fitted trays have a better chance of getting all the tooth ridges vs a product like white strips that just lay on the surface (and always feel like they are falling off, in my opinion!). 

As of right now, I totally recommend the product, so go ahead and check it out at More to come after I do a few more treatments! 

*Disclaimer: I was sent this kit in exchange for this post. All photos and opinions are (always) my own.* 

Posted on August 14, 2015 .