Finally, A Romper

I think rompers are awful. Well, on me at least. But I've been persistent because I think they are SO CUTE on so many other people. So I keep trying them on, keeping ordering them, and keep getting disappointed. But then one day a few weeks ago I was in a huge hurry at Target (awful idea) and saw this romper as I walked in the door and just grabbed it and then bought the gift wrap I had come to buy in the first place for the present in the car that I was delayed in wrapping for the party I was en route to and I didn't try it on and I went to the party and got home still didn't try it on until the day I took these pictures last week. I think I just knew it wasn't going to work, and so I didn't want to be disappointed and have to return it. But last week I saw it on Anne's blog and thought...huh, I have that same one, wonder where it is...And then I found it still in the Target bag and tried it on and loved it. It was a freaking miracle, people. 

 photo IMG_3100_zpsi6ahsrea.jpg

Romper: Target
Sandals: Steve Madden (super-cute festival-inspired version)
Chambray: Nordstrom

I wore it on a walk with Travis and the dog after dinner so these are just cell phone pics - sorry! But it was so comfortable for an evening walk, and with my softest chambray tossed over it, I was dressed perfectly for the cooler weather that comes with a setting sun. 

 photo IMG_3096_zpsg6dmad0f.jpg
 photo IMG_3103_zpsficpqbsv.jpg

We wandered around Woodland Park, near where we live, and happened upon this beautiful rose garden at the zoo that we've never roamed through before. I'm totally taking a picnic here someday soon - it was gorgeous! 

 photo IMG_3107_zpss5yb9xwc.jpg

I wish I had pulled the romper out of that Target bag sooner, but I'm so glad I'll have it as an option for our upcoming tropical vacations - Hawaii in November, Costa Rica in February, and Mexico in April! This will definitely be a packing staple!

Posted on August 17, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.